Confidential: How Lagos Landlords Are Smiling To The Bank With Multimillions of Naira By Investing In Lagos Resorts

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Dear Investor,

I’m Aniekeme Obot, a seasoned realtor here in Lagos. 

Kindly read this short note to the end as I will be revealing “insider secrets of Lagos Top Real Investors” This single secret can put you on track to generate ₦73,000,000 a year. 

I’ll also unveil how you can invest in a resort and get an all expense paid trip to Dubai for proper pampering. I’ll also explain the benefits of owning a property in a resort like this.

Before I go on, let me tell you why investing in a resort is an Investment with Excellent Returns.

So last year December, I took a road trip from Lagos to Benin Republic to relax at a resort named “Casa Del Papa”

This resort was located in a remote town(Ouidah). Despite the distance from town coupled with the bumpy roads, the entire resort was filled up with people from different countries.

This goes a long way to show you that no matter the location of a resort, it will always be booked

Take a look at La Campagne Tropicana Resort In Ibeju Lekki, Lagos. The lowest room there goes for ₦95,000/ Night and the Highest Goes For ₦1,000,000 / Night yet they’re always booked. 

Opportunities to own properties in a resort are usually scarce and most of the resorts are owned by private individuals or venture capitalist

This is why I bring this very rare opportunity for you to own a resort property here in the proposed Africa’s Biggest Resort Estate, DUKIA AFRICA

In addition to that, I’ll be giving 7 investors an all expense paid Vacation to Dubai To Pamper Themselves For Making An Awesome Investment In This Resort

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How to Get Returns On Your Investment From Dukia Africa

Dukia Africa Resort  is Projected to sell at ₦60m in the next 6 months due to the high level of infrastructural works going on at the moment. 

The helipad is already 95% complete. Check out what you can do with your land at Dukia Africa Resort.

Apply The “Buy Low, Sell High” Strategy

You can buy now at a the pre launch price of ₦15m ($21k) /500sqm or ₦10m/300sqm and spread the balance for over 6-12months. 
The good part is that the price will increase on October 31st, 2022 to ₦22m/500sqm and ₦15m/300sqm
This means that you’ll already be gaining ₦7m and ₦5m respectively even while spreading your payments
With the fast rate of infrastructural works going on, the investment of ₦15m is projected to rise to over ₦60m.
For investors that buy 3 plots, they’ll be reselling at over ₦60m/plot which is ₦180m for 2 plots.
Here’s The Juicy Part
You can decide to sell one (1) plot (out of the 3) at the completion of the resort (This is what top investors do every time)

Then you can use money from the sales to build apartments and flats for shortlets in the resort.
Let’s say you build 10 units of 1 bedroom flats on the 2 plots and you put it up for shortlet at ₦50,000 per night. 

At just 40% Occupancy rate in a year, the returns will be whooping ₦73,000,000 every single year
You’ll not only recoup your initial investment, you will further create generational wealth for you and your family. Isn’t that cool? 
This is a sweet deal if you ask me. That’s why pre launch deals are the best ways to invest in real estate

Build & Lease Apartments In The Resort For Shortlet

Rooms in La Campagne Tropicana Resort In Ibeju Lekki ranges from ₦95k-₦1m. 
Imagine owning a property in a resort like this, consistent cash flow!!
You can acquire at least 2 plots, sell 1 for profit subsequently, then use the money from the sales to build a massive apartment/duplex for Airbnb. 
Once the resort is completed, Airbnb(shortlet) apartments will be going for as high as ₦50k-₦150k per night depending on the size of the building
With just 40% occupancy in the apartment, the yearly income will be ~₦7,300,000- ₦21,900,000 per year. It can even be higher  Sweet right?
Best part is the more plots you buy, the higher the return on this investment

Vacation Home/Second Home

Lastly, You can Use To Build A Vacation Home. Imagine staying away from the hustle and bustle of Lagos, living in this serene atmosphere with all the entertainment in one sport. Cool right?
You can even decide to shortlet your home  when you’re not using it while it generates around 10-30million.


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Why is DUKIA AFRICA A Great Resort Investment?


Commuting a luxurious resort like Dukia Africa must happen in Grand style. That’s why at Dukia Africa, We have provisions for a standard helipad to commute our customers to and fro the resort. 

Dukia Africa visitors will arrive the resort In just 12mins from the Murtala Mohammed Airport, Lagos

The best part is that the helipad is already working. An helicopter landed on site on September 15th. How sweet is that?

Perfect Land Title

Dukia Africa is covered with the Governor’s Consent. It is also officially registered into the Lagos Government Gazzette (verified). 

This land is free from all disputes and government encumbrances

Artificial Lake

What’s a resort without a water body? We are building an artificial lake in Dukia Africa. 

Think along the line of fun water sports like Kayaking, Mini Boat Cruise, Jet Skis  etc. 

Guest/Residents Can have fun all day without getting tired In Dukia Africa.

Green Areas

Dukia Africa is developed  with space for a lot of green areas. 

This resort is eco friendly. It takes you closer to natural living aware from the hustle and bustle of Lagos. 

The land topography makes it a perfect fit for a resort development

Golf Course

They’re only less than 10 commercial resorts with a golf course in Lagos.

Getting a resort with a golf course at the current price is actually a steal. Value for your investment in Dukia Africa is highly priortized 

Recreational Facilities

It comes with the children’s play area, volleyball court, basket ball court, tennis, swimming pool,  and lots more 

Done For You

Done With You

What To Expect At Dukia Africa Resort

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