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Running a business is not like flipping burgers. As a business owner, you have numerous responsibilities such as hiring employees, managing cash flow, bookkeeping, managing tasks, delegating work to the employees, marketing your product & services, and handling the daily activities. Bookkeeping and accounting are one of the essential aspects of your business that can help you make significant decisions if done correctly.

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We’ll Help You See the Real Numbers

Numbers can say a lot about your business. Just by looking at your books, you can forecast your business growth and make strategic business decisions to achieve growth. However, not every entrepreneur has the budget to hire a full-time bookkeeper or controller. We are here to help.

About us

We are a group of licensed accountants, bookkeepers and controllers. Our primary service is to provide small and medium businesses with accurate numbers to enable them to make strategic business decisions. We have years of experience working with clients from many industries.

3 Reasons to Choose Us

We are Certified
and Licensed

We understand that one of the essential parts of being on the financial industry is being certified and licensed. Therefore, our bookkeepers and controllers are certified and licensed. We are continuously participating in the latest accounting seminars to get updates on current policy.

Proven Track Record

We’ve been in this industry for years and have a proven track record in helping clients to understand their books.

Affordable Price

We want a long-term relationship with our clients because we understand that bookkeeping should be done regularly. Therefore, we make our price affordable.

What Do We Offer

1. Bookkeeping Service

We understand that not every business owner can afford to hire a full-time bookkeeper. If you’re one of them, then our bookkeeping service can help solve your problems. You will work personally with one of our bookkeeping experts who will help you understand your figures.

2. Financial Forecasting

We offer maintenance care with the aim of injury prevention and for optimum health.

3. Small Business Consulting

Whether you want to open a new branch, hire new employees, or to invest in a new machine, we are here if you need advice based on your statistics. A single business decision can make or break your business. Therefore, you need to be extra careful when reading your financial statements. If you are not sure, it’s safer to consult with us first.

“They are Smart”

I’ve been running my business for years and always had problems understanding my numbers. I didn’t even know the real cost of running my business. Thanks to them I gained insights into the cost of running my company. So now I know the actual price of running this business. Based on their advice, I cut outlays on some activities that didn’t generate revenue, and now I see some positive cash inflow. Thank you.

“They Helped Me to Be More Profitable”

As a business owner, I often felt overwhelmed with my business. I did everything from the simple administrative task to making big business decisions. What was worse was that I didn’t see any growth in my profit. Thanks to them, now I understand my numbers and have made several decisions to grow my business. Thank you.

“They Helped Me Lower My Taxes”

Calculating how much taxes should be paid was one of the most hated responsibilities in my business. Until today– they helped me lower my taxes legally so now I can save some money to retire. Thank you.

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